Why PEC Opposes Senate Bill 545

June 14, 2021

Senate Bill 545 (P.N. 563) pertains to reporting requirements of unintended releases (for example, spills or discharges) of substances (chemicals, wastes, or other products) at permitted sites or operations. This bill is a reintroduction of legislation from last session (then...

PEC Commends Legislation that Invests in PA’s Energy Present and Future

June 14, 2021

Today Senator Carolyn Comitta and Representative Dianne Herrin, accompanied by Governor Wolf, announced companion legislation (Senate Bill 15 and House Bill 1565) that directs proceeds from Pennsylvania’s pending participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to a suite of initiatives...

PEC Letter on House Bill 637

June 9, 2021

PEC joined the Environmental Defense Fund in opposing legislation aimed at blocking Pennsylvania from joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. House Bill 637 would actually prevent the Department of Environmental Protection from advancing any proposed policy to control carbon dioxide...

PEC Letter on Senate Bill 119

April 27, 2021

PEC and the Environmental Defense Fund submitted the following letter to the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee today in opposition to Senate Bill 119. As with legislation last session, this bill would hamper the state’s ability to link with...

PEC’s Position on Permitting and Regulatory ‘Reform’ Legislation

April 19, 2021

Each legislative session a number of bills are introduced under the banner of regulatory and permitting reform. Increasing performance, transparency, and accountability is indeed an important goal, but the devil is always in the details of what truly results from...

PEC Supports Senate Bill 251

March 22, 2021

PEC sent the letter included below to the Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee in support of SB251, which would update the 1965 Pennsylvania Fertilizer Act to establish best practices for use of fertilizer, create a certification program for commercial...

PEC Supports House Bill 140

January 29, 2021

PEC sent the following letter to the House Transportation Committee in support of House Bill 140 – bipartisan legislation that will update the PA Vehicle Code to allow communities the design flexibility to better protect bicyclists.

PEC and EDF Comments on CO2 Budget Trading Program

January 20, 2021

PEC submitted the following comments in partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in support of the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) proposed rulemaking to have Pennsylvania link to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.  

PEC Applauds Veto of Senate Bill 790

November 25, 2020

November 25, 2020 Today Governor Wolf vetoed Senate Bill 790 — a bill the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) opposed due to its weakening of environmental and public health protections for conventional oil and gas operations. Most notably, Sb790 would have:...

Protect Investment in Outdoor Recreation and Public Lands

November 16, 2020

PEC submitted the following letter to members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly on November 16, 2020. Dear Members of the General Assembly: This week the legislature is tasked with the difficult job of finishing the state budget through the remainder...