Protecting and celebrating our most vital resource

Since 1970, PEC has championed policies to protect and restore watersheds, ensuring a supply of clean drinking water, and promoting recreational paddling. Through our sister organization, the Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers (POWR), we support local watershed groups across the state with education and training, resources, and direct assistance. In partnership with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, POWR also administers the Pennsylvania River of the Year and Pennsylvania River Sojourn Mini Grant programs.

As climate change brings more frequent and more extreme severe weather events, Pennsylvania communities are already grappling with floods, sewer overflows, and other negative environmental impacts. In the southeast, PEC coordinates multi-partner efforts to improve water quality under the Delaware River Watershed Initiative and the Wissahickon Clean Water Partnership, supplies stormwater management training and resources to municipalities, and provides watershed education and outreach to Philadelphia residents.


Improving access and promoting use of Pennsylvania’s 86 thousand stream miles

Working with municipal, nonprofit, and grassroots partners to support watershed health

Educating and engaging Pennsylvanians in stewardship of local waterways

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Water Policy

Find information, analysis, important dates, and status updates on pending state legislation and regulation related to watershed protection and restoration in Pennsylvania.

PEC works with many groups to improve water quality in the Delaware River Bain by encouraging the use of Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI). GSI is a solution that can be deployed at almost any scale — from big commercial properties all the way down to residential backyards.