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Improve Pennsylvania’s environment! Your donation helps PEC work to protect and restore our environment, and your donation of $40 or more* makes you eligible for PEC membership benefits.

*Non-profit government membership is $50. Business membership is $100.

Organizational membership

(non-profits, EACs, government agencies, schools and businesses)

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Does your vision for Pennsylvania include a healthy environment with vibrant communities? Do you value finding real world solutions that are innovative and collaborative?

We do. And, when you become a member of PEC, you support a unique effort to protect natural areas, preserve our working farms, improve the quality of our rivers and streams, and address the energy and climate challenges facing our state.

  • Membership means current and accurate information. You will learn about solutions that PEC is applying to local issues that affect citizens just like you. Our resources will be available to help you as you help others throughout Pennsylvania!
  • Membership ensures your connection. You will receive valuable information about our state’s environmental issues, advocacy, PEC project information, and community engagement opportunities.
  • As a member you will receive first notice of events that are happening in your area.
  • Membership ensures that your positive vision for the future will become a reality.

For more information, contact Sue Gold at 412-481-9400 or [email protected]

Membership Levels

  • $40 - Individual
  • $50 - Non-profit organization, local government, Environmental Advisory Council
  • $100 - Business/Organization

Additional Recognition Levels

(includes basic membership)

  • $100 - Steward
  • $250 - Protector
  • $500 - Conservationist
  • $1,000 - President's Circle (Individuals only)
  • $2,000 - Environmental Partner

Contributions are federal-tax deductible, subject to IRS rules and limitations. Join today!

Donor-Advised Funds

Recommend a donor-advised fund (DAF) grant through your charitable giving account online or by contacting your fund manager. Please have them direct your DAF distribution to PEC and mail to:

Pennsylvania Environmental Council
810 River Avenue, Suite 201
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Tax ID number: 23-7286159

Ask your DAF representative to include your name and address on the distribution so we can thank you for your generosity and send you updates on the progress your support makes possible. If you do not have a DAF, contact your financial advisor to learn how to set up a charitable giving account.

Pennsylvania Environmental Council Donor Privacy Policy

1.0       PURPOSE

The purpose of this Donor Privacy Policy is to recognize and protect the privacy rights of donors to the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Inc. (“PEC”).

2.0       SCOPE

This policy applies to all employees, officers, directors, and agents of PEC. Those individuals are expected to follow the guidelines outlined in this document.


PEC is fully committed to respecting the contributions and privacy of our donors. PEC has adopted this Donor Policy to assure the prudent and discreet use of information pertaining to individuals and entities that have contributed, pledged, or may pledge gifts to PEC.


Information provided to PEC as part of any donation will be treated in agreement with the following principles:

  • 4.1 PEC will not release donor information outside of the organization unless authorized by the donor or required by law.
  • 4.2 Donors are requested to provide limited personal information to PEC in order to expedite the completion of contribution transactions, provide charitable gifting tax information, and/or facilitate donor recognition. This information is retained in the records of PEC for contributor outreach, financial recording and consolidated reporting, recognition in our Annual Report or program materials, and compliance with state and federal law. Payment information is used only for donation processing and is not used or retained for any other purpose.
  • 4.3 PEC provides all donors with the option to be removed from program or promotional materials, including our Annual Report. PEC exercises special caution to protect the identity of donors who wish to remain anonymous.
  • 4.4 PEC fully respects the rights of donors who wish to be excluded or removed from mailings and other contributor outreach. Donors may opt out of communications by calling Sue Gold at 412-481-9400.
  • 4.5 PEC reserves the right to change our Donor Policy at any time with respect to information collected, following the posting of our revised Donor Policy on our organizational website ( Any change will not result in the lessening of privacy protections afforded to donor information collected prior to the date of the change in Policy, except to the extent required by law.


Organizational membership

(non-profits, EACs, government agencies, schools and businesses)

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