PEC December 2022 Briefing

See below for links to materials from the December 2022 legislator briefing.

Carbon Capture & Hydrogen 

In Fall 2022, the Pennsylvania Environmental Council submitted updated comments to the Senate Environmental Resources & Energy Committee on the topic of carbon capture and clean energy hubs in Pennsylvania.

CCUS Injection Well Legislation

PEC and the Environmental Defense Fund submitted the following letter in November 2022 to the Senate Environmental Resources & Energy Committee on newly introduced legislation that would task the Department of Environmental Protection with pursuing primacy for Class VI injection wells, which can be used for carbon capture and storage (CCUS). While PEC supports measured CCUS deployment, we have concerns with the legislation as written.

Bill and Important Date Tracker

Here you’ll find information, analysis, important dates, and status updates on pending state legislation and regulation that affects environmental and conservation efforts in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Legacies Podcast

The Pennsylvania Legacies podcast features conversations with community leaders, experts, thinkers, and citizens on the most important environmental and conservation issues facing Pennsylvania. New episodes are posted every other Friday and are available on most podcast platforms.

A local water utility with an acid mine drainage problem. A liberal arts college with an ambitious carbon-reduction goal. A collection of nonprofits and government agencies working in reforestation. What do they have in common? They’re all working together to restore native woodlands on a reclaimed mining site in Cambria County.

Recent News

Gravel Riding Recommendations Report

After convening gravel riding stakeholders for a summit last April, PEC recently published our recommendations to enhance gravel resources and support the sustainable growth of the sport in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Legacies Episode #177

PEC’s recently published gap analysis of the Circuit Trails network is more than just a list of priority segments: it proposes a whole new way of thinking about trail projects in terms of social impact. We hear from two members of the Circuit Trails Coalition’s task force on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion: Eleanor Horne of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail, and PEC’s Zhenya Nalywayko, who prepared the report.