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Students in the Master Watershed Steward program offered by PSU Extension must take 40 hours of classes to become official members, gaining valuable knowledge and skills along the way to […]
A Susquehanna University ecologist is pioneering a new way to restore watersheds in Pennsylvania using old tricks from beavers. What can we learn from nature’s engineers? For more than two […]
Providing clean drinking water is easier, and cheaper, when communities are proactive about tackling contaminants upstream. A new grant program in southeastern PA, administered by PEC with funding from Aqua […]
Trails can be a tremendous economic opportunity for small towns – but all the funding and political muscle in the world won’t matter if your trail project doesn’t address real […]
Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) is a burgeoning cycling destination, with hundreds of miles of gravel, singletrack, and paved roads that offer pristine views of natural areas and visits to historic towns. […]
PEC staff joined partners and neighbors at 2024 Celebrate Trails Day events across the state last weekend. On this episode, we share trailside conversations and sounds from the Three Rivers […]
As a clean energy technology, hydrogen holds both promise and peril — especially in terms of local impacts and public attitudes. With DoE-funded regional hydrogen hubs coming to Pennsylvania, how […]
Pennsylvania’s industrial sector contributes more greenhouse gas emissions than any other in the state. A new plan developed by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection seeks to leverage hundreds of […]
Climate change threatens the survival of more than two-thirds of North America’s bird species. But the massive buildout of power transmission infrastructure needed to support a zero-carbon energy system also […]
Tom Gilbert took over as President of PEC this year, bringing a lifelong passion for the outdoors and decades of experience in environmental work. After giving him a few weeks […]
Oil and gas producing states have two years to bring their regulations up to newly finalized EPA standards, including stricter inspection and repair requirements, to stop leaks and intentional release […]
Pennsylvania Legacies #208
Two of the seven proposals selected for federal funding to develop clean hydrogen “hubs” have a footprint in Pennsylvania. The state has several key components of hydrogen production already in […]