PEC Supports the Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Transition Act

Good morning. On behalf of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, I want to thank Senators Haywood and Santarsiero and Representatives Briggs and Webster for inviting us today to discuss the Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Transition Act.

I’ll cut to the chase – it is time for Pennsylvania to enact a comprehensive energy policy that drives innovation and emission reductions in our electricity sector. There are several elements to that strategy, but the centerpiece is a pricing and investment program as envisioned in this legislation.

Utilizing a market-based approach ensures certainty with respect to costs and emission reductions and provides a clear, predictable pathway for those tasked with achieving those reductions.

Equally important, it can generate revenue to further energy efficiency and consumer assistance programs, clean energy business and technology investment, and worker training.

This is not a new concept. Established programs like the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative – which this legislation allows Pennsylvania to link to – have proven that a carbon cap and trade program works.

Pennsylvania needs an inclusive, all-of-the-above approach to achieving a zero-carbon energy future. Failure to act will stifle innovation and job creation, and exacerbate the already all-too-real impacts of climate change. The Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Transition Act puts our state on the right path toward this critical goal.

PEC commends the sponsors of this legislation, and urges prompt passage in the General Assembly.

Thank you.