Taking Concrete Action on Methane Emissions

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) today presented a draft rule to cut emissions of methane to the state’s Environmental Quality Board (EQB), kickstarting a rulemaking process that seeks to address climate impacts from the natural gas industry. The measure, which will yield both environmental and economic benefits, is a critical piece of Governor Wolf’s Methane Reduction Strategy, and aligns with efforts in other states to cut emissions of the potent greenhouse gas from natural gas development and infrastructure.

“Today, the Governor and Department are following through on their commitment to responsible energy development,” said Davitt Woodwell, President of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC). “We have the technology to cut methane emissions in half at no net cost to producers. This move will allow Pennsylvania to move forward on a necessary path: Deep decarbonization of our energy production and economy that will allow us to compete effectively in the 21st century.”

Major industry players including Shell, BP and Exxon have in the past year voiced their support for methane standards that will allow them to compete more effectively in a global energy marketplace. The Center for Methane Emissions Solutions, which represents companies in the methane mitigation sector – many with significant operations and employees here in Pennsylvania – is also on record as championing a framework that will lead to lower emissions and cleaner air.

PEC looks forward to working with the various committees, state legislators, and all stakeholders during the public comment period in the interest of achieving a robust rule that tackles a critical issue for our Commonwealth.