PEC Commits to Green Workplace Challenge

Increased heart beat. Butterflies in the stomach. Sweaty palms.

It’s these types of effects that stem from the thrill of competition, and PEC is proud to announce it will be competing in one as 2015 gets underway!

Lindsay Baxter

Alright, maybe it’s not quite that intense, but in the Southwest office we are excited to be participating in a friendly competition in which workplaces of all sizes and sectors compete to reduce their environmental footprint. The Green Workplace Challenge, which was established in 2012 by our friends at Sustainable Pittsburgh, grew out of work to implement the Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan. Businesses were excited to participate in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but wanted a way to actually measure and report on their progress.

Although it’s early in the program, I’m already amazed at how assigning points to an action makes me more motivated to do it. I mean, I’m a sustainability professional—I know what we should be doing. But somehow the opportunity to earn points and compete against our peers gets me all the more excited.

Stay tuned for updates on the blog and via social media throughout 2015 as we challenge ourselves to practice what we preach in our offices as the competition runs through Oct. 31. And if you’re in the Pittsburgh region, consider joining the competition. But hurry, the deadline for signing up is Jan. 31!