Out With The Old (Tires)

PEC’s illegal dumpsite cleanup program ended 2016 with a pair of cleanup events in Susquehanna County.


Workers from the Springville Township Street Department got the job done on December 8th, just in time for the first snowfall of the year. A total of  141 discarded tires, weighing in at more than 2800 pounds, was removed from sites near Garrison Road and Button Road. The haul also included an additional half-ton of trash carried off in twenty 55-gallon trash bags.

With much of northeastern Pennsylvania now under snow cover, the cleanup program goes into hibernation until warmer weather returns. Plans are underway for spring cleanups, but program manager Palmira Miller says “things will have to wait until the snow melts and the ground thaws out.”

To learn more about the Community Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup Program, or to volunteer for a future cleanup event, contact Palmira Miller.