New Report on Benefits of Growing Greener II

The Legislative Budget and Finance Committee, a joint committee of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, has issued a report on the Growing Greener II initiative.  The report was conducted pursuant to a House Resolution (2009-17) introduced by Representative Kate Harper.

According to the Report, Growing Greener II has resulted in:

  • Agriculture: 316 farmland preservation projects, which have preserved 33,713 acres of farmland in perpetuity.
  • Community and Economic Development: 66 projects that have created 1,500 jobs, improved 41 buildings, leveraged $140.4 million in private dollars, remediated 1 site, and constructed 4 new buildings.
  • Conservation and Natural Resources: 441 projects, including improvements in 234 community parks, 132 state park and forest infrastructure projects, and the purchase of 42,357 acres of open spaces.
  • Environmental Protection: 685 projects involving abandoned mine reclamation, acid mine drainage abatement, brownfields, drinking and wastewater, energy development, watershed protection, and gas and oil well plugging.
  • Fish and Game Commissions: 38 projects for various purposes.