Join a River Sojourn This Summer!

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The Pennsylvania Sojourn Program, administered by PEC’s affiliate POWR in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, is one of a number of programs supported by PEC that help connect people with nature and promote outdoor recreation throughout Pennsylvania. For over a decade, POWR has administered the Pennsylvania Sojourn Program and has supported paddling trips on many of the Commonwealth’s rivers and streams. 

In addition to providing a fun activity, sojourns help encourage watershed stewardship, and educate and enhance community involvement around natural and cultural resources. On these outings, paddlers have the opportunity to experience a new and exciting perspective of some of Pennsylvania’s treasured landscapes and historic and cultural assets.

Each sojourn is a little different. Some events are day trips, while others offer multi-day experiences, complete with camping and meals. There are opportunities to learn about native wildlife, watershed science, and regional history. Some sojourns even encourage costumes!

Each year, the Pennsylvania Sojourn Program awards more than $30,000 in grants to support local watershed organizations and their sojourn events. This year, 13 mini-grantees will offer sojourn events from now through early fall.

You can learn about successful sojourns from previous years here, and read more about water trails across Pennsylvania here.