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Putting Energy and "Green" into Homes Listings & Sales

October 24, 2017 @ 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Around the country, consumers are increasingly broadening the range of their home purchasing search parameters beyond “school district” and “granite countertops.” Today’s buyers want to know more — whether solar panels, high-efficiency HVAC, stormwater lines or insulation levels. Both the national realtors and appraisers associations embrace making this information part of the standard real estate data on a multi-listing service.

But locally, we’re running behind.Can the 60,000+ homes scored with the 1 through 10 Home Energy Score provide a light for local leaders? How can a $10,000 energy efficiency improvement hidden behind the drywall get the same treatment as the bathroom remodel when calculating home value? And how can realtors become knowledgeable guides for their clients in this brave new real estate world?

Join us as we take a look at what’s being done around the country and what can be implemented in Southwestern PA. It’s free to attend, but registration is required. Visit getenergysmarter.org/events to register.


Featured Speaker:

Green Valuation

Sandra K Adomatis, SRA, LEED Associate, Punta Gorda, FL

Nationally recognized “green valuation” expert, Sandy Adomatis, keynotes this provocative discussion about what matters in property appraisal.


Deparment of Energy’s Home Energy Score

Madeline Salzman, MPS, Science & Technology Policy Fellow

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy,

U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, DC

“Green” Fields in Multi-Listings

Jeremy Crawford

Chief Executive Officer, Real Estate Standards Organization, Raleigh, NC

The Pittsburgh Perspective

Charlene Haislip

President, Realtors Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh (RAMP),

RE/MAX Realtor, Pittsburgh, PA

Moderated by Tracy Certo, Founder + Publisher, NEXT Pittsburgh


October 24, 2017
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm