Pennsylvania is endowed with a rich mosaic of wetlands, lakes, rivers, and creeks sustained by pure aquifers that provide drinking water and world-class recreational opportunity ranging from sport fishing to paddling. Pennsylvania’s unique landscape and abundant precipitation supports 86,000 miles of rivers and streams, the most of any state besides Alaska.

Sadly, 15,000 miles of creeks and rivers are not drinkable, fishable, or swimmable – the goals of the Clean Water Act of 1972.  A combination of stormwater run-off, municipal wastewater, agricultural run-off, abandoned mine drainage, and industrial discharges degrade streams and present a complex long-term challenge.

We dig deep to understand and address policy barriers and to gather and promote innovative solutions such as green stormwater infrastructure, water quality trading, and inter-municipal cooperative agreements. PEC coordinates watershed-based programs to manage stormwater and to restore watershed function.  Rainfall is treated as a precious natural resource to be slowed and infiltrated to recharge groundwater and support stream base flow through green infrastructure.



Community Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup Program

PEC has been working since 2007 to clean up illegal dumpsites through a multi-faceted approach.

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Regional Watershed Workshops Kick Off With Event in Southwest Pennsylvania
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Regional Watershed Workshops Kick Off With Event in Southwest Pennsylvania

On March 8, PEC officially held the first of six regional watershed group workshops as part of a statewide initiative aimed at building local capacity for stewardship. Funded in part by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s...

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Evergreen Conservancy receives award

June 7, 2017Indiana Gazette

The Evergreen Conservancy recently received the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for its work on the Tanoma Passive Abandoned Mine Discharge Remediation Trompe. It was one of 21 organizations in the state representing...

Policy Posts

PEC Opposes HR284

June 6, 2017

PEC sent the following communication to members of the House State Government Committee regarding HR284. June 6, 2017 To:           Members of the House State Government Committee From:     Pennsylvania Environmental Council RE:           Consideration of House Resolution 284 (P.N. 1556) Dear...

PEC Opposes Senate Bill 624

May 18, 2017

Update (June 6): The Senate passed SB 624 by a vote of 32-17. Prior Update (May 22): The Senate Environmental Resources & Energy Committee, in an “off-the-floor” vote, approved SB 624 as committed. The bill awaits consideration by the full Senate....

PEC Supports House Bill 417

February 10, 2017

Today PEC sent the following letter to the House Consumer Affairs Committee in support of House Bill 417. February 10, 2017 To:  Members of the House Consumer Affairs Committee From:  John Walliser, Pennsylvania Environmental Council Re:  Support for House Bill...