Lily Jones

Communications Coordinator

West Region


Lily Jones joined PEC in 2020. As Communications Coordinator, she supports the development, distribution, and marketing of media content and other materials to educate the public and keep stakeholders informed about PEC’s work. Prior to working at PEC, she has worked for The Oberlin Review, The Evanston RoundTable, FaCT Ohio, and the Clark Street Beach Bird Sanctuary.

Lily grew up in the Chicago area and earned her B.A. in English and Environmental studies from Oberlin College, where she studied the uses of writing and reading as tools for promoting environmental action. During her time at Oberlin, she collaborated with local leaders on a number of sustainability projects, including a survey with the City of Oberlin to inform food waste management programs, and a partnership with Oberlin residents to reduce usage of single-use plastics in the downtown retail district. In her free time she enjoys running and baking.