Energy & Climate

Energy. It’s more than just Pennsylvania’s legacy. As the 3rd largest energy producer in the U.S., energy remains important to our state’s economy and way of life. But as the 3rd largest emitter of CO2 in the nation, and with abandoned mine lands and damaged streams, we recognize the challenges associated with energy production.

PEC’s Energy and Climate work focuses on achieving deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, advancing a clean energy economy in the state, and reducing the impacts of historic and present energy extraction.


Energy & Climate

Deep Decarbonization

Emerging thinking is focusing on the idea of deep decarbonization - a pathway to the end goal of eliminating carbon emissions altogether.

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Worse Than We Knew
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Worse Than We Knew

Here’s what we already knew about methane: It’s the primary component of natural gas. It’s much more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. And a non-zero amount of it is escaping into the atmosphere as a result of...

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The State of Decarbonization in Pennsylvania
PEC Blog

The State of Decarbonization in Pennsylvania

March 6, 2019By: Davitt Woodwell

As climate issues garner more and more urgent attention, how Pennsylvania will address our need to deeply decarbonize our electric and transportation sectors continues to be defined. Currently in the state: • The Department of Environmental Protection is considering an...

Policy Posts

Statement on Shell Support of Methane Rules

March 12, 2019

Royal Dutch Shell is an important producer in Pennsylvania and has set a strong standard for industry leadership. The Pennsylvania Environmental Council applauds Shell for opposing the rollback of the EPA methane rule and supporting stronger regulation for new and...

PEC Letter to PA Senate on HB 2154

September 25, 2018

PEC, in partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund, submitted the following letter to the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee in opposition to House Bill 2154, which would weaken environmental protection standards applied to the conventional oil and gas industry.

Testimony: Bicameral Nuclear Energy Caucus Informational Hearing

June 19, 2018

Good morning, and thank you to Senators Aument and Yudichak, Representatives Corbin and Matzie, and the other members of the Nuclear Energy Caucus for allowing me the opportunity to offer comments this morning. My name is Davitt Woodwell and I...