Shale Gas

PEC is arguably the strongest and most consistent voice in the state on the regulation of the shale gas industry. While the industry poses significant economic benefits, it can also serve as a detriment to our environment.

The development of natural gas from shale formations is one of the most complicated and critical environmental issues that Pennsylvania has ever faced. While shale gas has considerable economic significance, there is equal potential for irreparable damage to the natural resources of our Commonwealth.

PEC is arguably the strongest and most consistent voice in Pennsylvania for robust and actionable regulation of the shale gas industry. Our body of work—reports, testimony, and advocacy on regulation and legislation—reflects our resolute position on proactive oversight. We have pushed for mandatory setbacks, greater planning, public disclosure, groundwater protections, controls on waste and wastewater, public health research, stronger bonding and fines, and greater enforcement.

It is imperative to ensure that shale gas development does not proceed as so many extractive industries in Pennsylvania have over the last 200 years; the Commonwealth continues to deal with the costs and impacts of this legacy every day.

While it holds the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our state, shale gas will not be the final turning point in our energy future. We still must look today toward energy conservation, efficiency, and, most importantly for PEC, changing the generation mix to low-impact sources to get us to the energy future we must all achieve.

Marcellus Shale Lease Guide

The Marcellus Shale Lease Guide is meant to serve as a resource for Pennsylvanians considering leasing their property for Marcellus Shale gas production or who have decided to lease and are beginning the negotiating process.

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