Philadelphia Bike Share

Mayor Nutter promotes Philadelphia’s new bike share system.

Philadelphia has the climate, density, and culture needed for a successful bike share system. PEC brought together partners to create a plan that would bring a city-wide public bike program to fruition.

With funding from the William Penn Foundation, PEC and the Bicycle Coalition issued a request for proposals leading to the creation of the Philadelphia Bike Share Business Plan. The plan identified goals and business models while developing market and sponsorship analysis and handing over a financial plan to the City of Philadelphia, a road map towards creating a functional and profitable bike share system.

That plan, now on track for spring 2015, was the basis of the ongoing effort to bring bike share to Philadelphia. The initial launch of Philadelphia Bike Share will include 60 stations holding 600 bicycles throughout central Philadelphia, University City, and South and North Philadelphia. A first for any bike share city, Philadelphia has received additional funding to place stations in underserved areas and provide access to “unbanked” residents.

During the summer of 2014, we led a team to promote and engage Philadelphia residents about the forthcoming bike share system. The outreach team rode Philadelphia Bike Share bicycles to and from street festivals, farmer’s markets, trails, and many other events and locations. Aside from community engagement, the team also collected data and feedback from the community about biking preferences, station location, and more. This data will be used to roll out a complete network that is viable and equitable.

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