Online Trail planning and mapping

PEC presents, an exciting GIS and web-based tool designed to help trail planners, managers, advocates, and users better create and access trail information and understanding.

Trail groups have long relied on paper maps – topographic, geographic information systems (GIS), road, etc. – to plan and manage projects. GoToTrails, developed as part of a regional five state effort to leverage long distance trail efforts, allows those groups, as well as agencies, regional planners, and others to access GIS data, satellite imagery, and cloud-based information to seriously enhance their work. Included in GoToTrails is the capacity to organize projects, present data, and even draw trail alignments on the fly. The site was developed for PEC by Environmental Planning and Design.

Projects in GoToTrails can vary in size from individual trail segments to statewide networks.

Trail users can also gain trail information including links to trail “owners’” websites right from the map.

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