Delaware & Lehigh Trail Obstructions

Passageways under State Route 13 in Falls Township seamlessly continue the D&L Canal Trail.

Is a trail really a trail if you can’t use it continuously? For nine miles of the D&L trail in Bucks County users hit a dead end. PEC stepped up to resolve these major impediments to trail usage.

The five obstructions on the Delaware & Lehigh Trail ranging from Bridge Street in Morrisville to Green Lane in Bristol Borough prevent full use of the southern nine miles of the Delaware Canal State Park. These obstructions suppress the economic, recreation, transportation, and health potential of a fully connected regional trunk trail. Efforts to resolve the obstructions previously occurred piecemeal and had been delayed due to a lack of sufficient funding and coordination. PEC and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) have worked to resolve these obstructions in partnership with the D&L National Heritage Corridor, East Coast Greenway Alliance, and Friends of the Delaware Canal.

We have worked with partners including PennDOT, DCNR, Amtrak, and others to resolve the five obstructions. Planning or construction is either underway or completed on the following four obstructions:

  • Bridge Street – Morrisville: PEC developed a concept plan to install ramps from the trail to Bridge Street (at-grade crossing) and back down to the trail. We are currently working on acquiring easements and will ask for design and construction funding in 2015.
  • Conrail Rail Crossing – Falls Township: Under design. Funding has been identified for construction.
  • Tyburn Road Crossing – Falls Township: Design completed. Funding is in place for construction which will take place in 2015, when PennDOT reconstruction of the Tyburn Road bridge is complete.
  • Route 13 Passageways – Falls Township: PennDOT constructed passageways under Route 13 during road reconstruction. The passageways opened in 2013.

Green Lane/ Route 13 Intersection – Bristol Borough: PEC was awarded Regional Trail Fund money from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission and worked with Bucks County Transportation Management Authority and PennDOT to fix this dead end when Route 13 underwent a complete reconstruction. This obstruction is currently being resolved and will be completely reconnected with the rest of the trial in 2015.

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