Community Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup Program

We partner with local organizations to remove illegally dumped trash from the environment and educate local community residents on the negative environmental and economic impacts of illegal dumping in their communities.

April 27, 2016

Volunteers Remove Over Five Tons of Trash in Susquehanna County

PEC partnered with The Friends of Starrucca Creek (FSC) and the Rail-Trail Council of Northeast Pennsylvania for a two-day Community Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup event in Susquehanna County on April 23-24.

Dumpsite Cleanup Susquehanna County (2) April 2016

Volunteers pose for a photo during the weekend’s cleanup efforts.

In the days leading up to the event, Dana Rockwell, PEC’s Advisory Committee Member of Keep Northeastern Pennsylvania Beautiful and FSC, recruited volunteers to walk with canoes along Starrucca Creek pulling debris from its banks.

During the two-day event, volunteers cleaned up six miles of the D&H Rail-Trail from Melrose Road to Thompson Township along the Starrucca Creek from the historical Starrucca Viaduct (built in 1848) down to the junction of the Susquehanna River. Volunteers also cleaned up an area from Melrose Road Harmony Township to Starrucca Creek Road Thompson Township and picked up the debris along Starrucca Creek that was gathered prior to the event.

Volunteers, including members of the Friends of Starrucca Creek, NEPA Rail-Trail Council, Boy Scout Troop 89, Girl Scout Troop, The Armitage Foundation, the Roaring Run Hunting Camp, and family and friends gathered at the Melrose Rail-Trail each morning at 8 a.m. for registration, refreshments, and instructions.

In total, 59 volunteers, (21 were under 18 years old) worked 450 hours, removed 5.77 tons of trash, and recycled 1.50 tons of metal and 361 tires.  The group of volunteers came prepared, bringing their trucks and ATV’s bringing with them to pull out tires, fences, appliances, and any other large item within the creek and along the trails.

In PEC’s fifth year of partnering with FSC, one of the major goals is to remove all debris from the 14-mile Starrucca Creek. Nine miles have been cleaned to date.

February 3, 2016

Over 400 Volunteers Clean Up Nearly 50 Tons of Waste at Illegal Dumpsites in Pennsylvania

With the help of funding from the settlement of a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Enforcement Action, PEC was able to conduct dumpsite cleanup efforts through the Community Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup Program in four Northeast and Northcentral Pennsylvania counties in 2015.

With  over 400 volunteers in four counties, PEC and its partners were able to clean up nearly 50 tons of trash and over 3,500 tires at illegal dumpsites in Pike, Potter, Susquehanna and Wayne counties in 2015.

The Community Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup Program is a coalition of committed partners and has expanded through PEC’s efforts to include local watershed organizations, local land trusts, County Conservation Districts, county and local municipal officials, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural ResourcesPennsylvania American Water Company, and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful (KPB).

Here is a recap of all of the great work PEC and all of the wonderful volunteers were able to accomplish in an effort to help clean up Pennsylvania!

Susquehanna County

Friends of Starrucca Creek
April 25, 2015

4.25 tons of trash
500 pounds of scrap metal
125 tires=1.50 tons
58 volunteers
232 volunteer hours

Friends of Starrucca Creek
Susquehanna cleanup photo

Volunteers pose during a Susquehanna County Cleanup last year.

April 25-26, 2015

900 pounds of trash
500 pounds of scrap metal
125 tires=1.5 tons
57 volunteers
228 volunteer hours

Friends of Starrucca Creek
April 25-26, 2015

2.19 tons of trash
736 tires=8.83 tons
78 volunteers
492 volunteer hours

Friends of Starrucca Creek
April 26 & Nov. 1, 2015

1.45 tons of trash
1 ton of metal
100 tires=1.20 tons
33 volunteers
159 volunteer hours

Southwestern Energy Marcellus Volunteer Council with Contractor
Susquehanna cleanup photo 2

Volunteers helped to make PEC’s dumpsite cleanup efforts a success yet again in 2015.

May 7 & 18, 2015

1.84 tons of trash
4.20 tons of scrap metal
806 tires=9.38 tons
6 volunteers, 18 volunteer hours

Southwestern Energy Marcellus Volunteer Council
May 7, 2015

280 pounds of trash
21 tire=504 pounds
8 volunteers
12 volunteer hours

Rail Trail Council of Northeastern Pennsylvania
May 9, 2015

1.7 tons of trash
1 tire
15 volunteers
30 volunteer hours


Wayne County

Wayne County Historical Society
May 2, 2015
Wayne cleanup photo

60 volunteers in Wayne County helped to clean up over six tons of trash.

340 pounds of trash
1 ton of scrap metal
39 tires=940 pounds
25 volunteers
100 volunteer hours

Bucks Cove Hunting Club
Oct. 25, 2015

6.47 tons of trash
175 tires=2.10 tons
35 volunteers
175 volunteer hours


Potter County

Galeton High School with Contractor
Oct. 16 & Oct. 23, 2015
Potter cleanup photo

Volunteers and contractors alike took part in cleaning up dumpsites in Potter County.

1,850 pounds of trash
1.43 tons of scrap metal
3 tires
7 volunteers
17 volunteer hours

Contractor Cleanups
Oct. 17-23, 2015

2.08 tons of trash
4.08 tons of scrap metal
72 tires=.86 ton

Contractor Cleanups
Oct. 17-23, 2015

6.86 tons of trash
826 pounds of scrap metal
1,020 tires – 12.24 tons


Pike County

Delaware Water Gap NRA & DCNR Forestry
Sept. 14 & Nov. 9, 2015
Pike Cleanup photo

Volunteers in Pike County removed over 300 tires from the Delaware River.

19.54 tons of trash
337 tires=4.04 tons
109 volunteers
418 volunteer hours


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