Water Quality

Water Quality

Nearly 15,000 miles of stream in Pennsylvania are not drinkable, fishable, or swimmable – 34 times the length of the Susquehanna River and 46 times the length of the Allegheny. PEC has focused its expertise and experience into the Center of Excellence for Water Resources, which addresses abandoned mine drainage, stormwater management and a program for trading credits for removing excess nutrients and sediment from streams.

Policy Posts

PEC Offers Support For Pair of House Bills

February 2, 2015

Support for House Bill 48 (P.N. 42) On behalf of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC), I am writing to express our support for Representative Godshall’s House Bill 48 (P.N. 42) which would establish construction and decommissioning standards for private water...

Pennsylvania Environmental Council: Policy Priorities for 2015

January 23, 2015

Tom Wolf has been sworn in as Pennsylvania’s 47th Governor and the focus in Harrisburg can now move past campaigns and ceremony to the difficult task at hand: governing a state with a projected $2.3 billion deficit. Tough questions and...

PEC Statement on Act 162 of 2014

October 23, 2014

Pittsburgh – Yesterday Governor Corbett signed House Bill 1565 into law as Act 162 of 2014. Act 162 amends Pennsylvania’s Clean Streams Law to weaken forested riparian buffer requirements in Pennsylvania’s most pristine watersheds. “House Bill 1565 weakens our state’s...

PEC Urges Governor to Veto Bad Environmental Legislation

October 16, 2014

Today PEC sent the following letters to Governor Corbett, urging him to veto both HB1565 and HB2354 as passed by the General Assembly. HB1565 would remove important riaprian buffer protections in high quality and exceptional value watersheds. HB2354 would inhibit...

PEC Letter to PA Senate in Opposition to HB1565

September 30, 2014

PEC today sent the following communication to the PA Senate. September 30, 2014 To: Members of the PA Senate From: John Walliser, Pennsylvania Environmental Council RE: Opposition to House Bill 1565 (P.N. 4116) Dear Senators: On behalf of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC),...

PEC Supports HB343

September 26, 2014

PEC sent the following letter to the General Assembly in Support of HB343 September 26, 2014 To: Members of the PA Senate From: John Walliser, Pennsylvania Environmental Council RE: Support for House Bill 343 (P.N. 2004) Dear Senators: On behalf...

PEC Letter on HB 1565

September 16, 2014

PEC joined the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Western PA Conservancy, and the Pennsylvania Chapter of The Nature Conservancy in expressing serious concerns with House Bil 1565 (P.N. 2114), which would eliminate riparian buffer requirements for larger scale new development in high...

PEC Presents Testimony on Stormwater Legislation

September 18, 2012

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council today provided testimony before the House Local Government Committee on Senate Bill 1261 (sponsored by Senator Erickson). A copy of PEC’s testimony is provided below. The legislation would authorize local governments to form municipal authorities to...

Key Environmental Issues At Stake NOW in Harrisburg!

June 4, 2012

Click Here to Find Your Legislator Starting today, the General Assembly will begin final work on passage of the state budget. Included in this negotiation process is the positioning of multiple bills to receive consideration before the legislature adjourns for...

PEC praises passage of SB 1155

September 30, 2010

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council applauds the House members for passing Senate Bill 1155, in particular House Majority Leader Todd Eachus and Rep. Kate Harper who amended the bill to include more funding for the Environmental Stewardship (Growing Greener) Fund. This...

What’s New

Pennsylvania Legacies #112
PEC Blog

Pennsylvania Legacies #112

December 6, 2019By: Josh Raulerson

Back in January, PEC published a list of legislative and regulatory recommendations for cutting greenhouse gas emissions from Pennsylvania’s electricity sector. Since then, the governor and legislative leaders have embraced one of the report’s key ideas: putting a price on...

Pennsylvania Legacies #98
PEC Blog

Pennsylvania Legacies #98

May 17, 2019By: Josh Raulerson

As Ben Franklin wrote, “when the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.” But how do you calculate the value of water resources in dollars and cents? Researcher Spencer Phillips, Ph.D., unpacks the far-reaching economic impacts of water quality...

Pennsylvania Legacies #97
PEC Blog

Pennsylvania Legacies #97

May 3, 2019By: Josh Raulerson

Pennsylvania has one of the nation’s most extensive state park-and-forest systems, and for decades it’s been growing in size as well as popularity. But funding for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) hasn’t kept pace with that growth....

Pennsylvania Legacies #89
PEC Blog

Pennsylvania Legacies #89

January 11, 2019By: Josh Raulerson

Despite what you may have heard, environmental causes resonate with Pennsylvanians from all walks of life, throughout the state, and across the political spectrum. Recent polling from the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership shows Pennsylvania hunters and anglers in particular are...

Pennsylvania Legacies #86
PEC Blog

Pennsylvania Legacies #86

November 16, 2018By: Josh Raulerson

In working to clean up one of Pennsylvania’s most impaired urban watersheds, the members of the Wissahickon Clean Water Partnership face a daunting challenge. But the coalition also has a major advantage: a shared recognition that working together is the...