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PEC Supports House Bill 531

March 11, 2020

Today PEC sent the following communication to members of the House Consumer Affairs Committee in support of House Bill 531: March 11, 2020 To: Members of the House Consumer Affairs Committee Re: Support for House Bill 531 (P.N. 573) Dear...

PEC Testimony on RGGI

PEC Testimony on RGGI

October 28, 2019

John Walliser, PEC Senior VP for Legal & Government Affairs, gave the following testimony at a state House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee hearing on October 28, 2019. To download the testimony as a PDF, click here. Introduction Good morning...

Taking Pennsylvania into the Climate Century

Taking Pennsylvania into the Climate Century

October 3, 2019

Governor Wolf’s proposal to bring Pennsylvania into the Regional Greenhouse Initiative (RGGI), announced today, is the first concrete and meaningful step that the Commonwealth has taken to directly address its role in exacerbating climate change. For that, the Governor is...

PEC Supports the Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Transition Act

September 4, 2019

Good morning. On behalf of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, I want to thank Senators Haywood and Santarsiero and Representatives Briggs and Webster for inviting us today to discuss the Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Transition Act. I’ll cut to the...

Testimony: PEC Climate Policy Recommendations

May 1, 2019

Testimony of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council John Walliser, Senior Vice President, Legal & Government Affairs   Chairman Tomlinson, Chairman Boscola, Chairman Yaw, Chairman Yudichak, and members of both Committees: I want to thank you for inviting us to comment on...

PEC Letters on House Bill 11 and Senate Bill 510

April 15, 2019

PEC submitted the following letters to the Pennsylvania House and Senate as they debate the future of nuclear generation in Pennsylvania. We believe the state needs to take a comprehensive approach to this issue by pursuing a market-based approach to...

Testimony: Bicameral Nuclear Energy Caucus Informational Hearing

June 19, 2018

Good morning, and thank you to Senators Aument and Yudichak, Representatives Corbin and Matzie, and the other members of the Nuclear Energy Caucus for allowing me the opportunity to offer comments this morning. My name is Davitt Woodwell and I...

PEC Letter on EV Infrastructure Legislation

April 10, 2018

PEC has sent the following letter to House members regarding House Bill 1446 (P.N. 3161), the Clean Transportation Infrastructure Networks Act.   April 6, 2018   To: Members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Re: Support for House Bill 1446...

PEC Applauds Pittsburgh’s Climate Vision, Presses for Action

November 30, 2017

The following remarks were presented to Pittsburgh City Council at a public hearing held November 29, 2017. To read PEC’s full commentary on the City’s Climate Action Plan, click here. Good evening. My name is Lindsay Baxter and I am...

PEC Supports SB234

October 16, 2017

PEC has submitted the following letter is support of SB234.

PEC Supports HB1782

October 11, 2017

PEC has submitted the following letter in support of HB1782.

PEC Supports HB1722

October 11, 2017

PEC has submitted the following letter of support for HB1722.

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Pennsylvania Legacies #118
PEC Blog

Pennsylvania Legacies #118

March 24, 2020By: Josh Raulerson

As investors grow wary of fossil fuels and big companies prioritize sustainability, where will Pennsylvania fit in the post-carbon economy? Analysis from Steven Clarke and Alli Gold-Roberts of Ceres, a nonprofit that advocates for clean energy in the business community....

Pennsylvania Legacies #117
PEC Blog

Pennsylvania Legacies #117

March 6, 2020By: Josh Raulerson

Community supported agriculture gives subscribers access to fresh, locally grown produce without the trouble and expense of growing it themselves. Community solar does the same thing for renewable energy — creating economic opportunity for communities, savings for ratepayers, resiliency and...

BP Embraces Carbon Pricing
PEC Blog

BP Embraces Carbon Pricing

February 27, 2020By: Josh Raulerson

The following op-ed by BP America Chairman and President Susan Dio was first published at on February 27, 2020. Learn more about the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and PEC’s decarbonization work here. PA can transform America’s energy landscape...

Out of Step
PEC Blog

Out of Step

December 16, 2019By: Davitt Woodwell

As 2019 comes to an end, and more than a year since the release of the 4th National Climate Assessment, it remains clear that the federal government has abdicated responsibility for even trying to slow the accelerating march of climate...