PEC at 50: Our Story

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    How to Regrow a Forest

    Transforming abandoned strip mines into healthy native forest isn’t as easy as it sounds! Learn how PEC and our partners in the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative (ARRI) are restoring Penn’s woods, one legacy mining site at a time.

    Meet the Volunteers

    It’s a cold and windy Earth Day 2018, but these tree-planting volunteers are smiling.

    Breaking Ground

    Foresters Ben Hardy of DCNR and Cliff Drouet of OSMRE explain how to transform a former mining site back to native forest… and why it’s worth doing.

    A Fresh Start

    Pennsylvania state Senator John Yudichak talks about growing up near the site of PEC’s Earth Day 2017 tree-planting in Pinchot State Forest, and watching its transformation from abandoned mine site to restored native forest.

    Mine Land to Forest Land

    Volunteers plant 8,000 trees in Pinchot State Forest, Luzerne County in celebration of Earth Day 2017.

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