Westmoreland Conservancy will open Murrysville trail for people with mobility issues

September 6, 2019 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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Rob Malley’s older brother was an avid hunter and fisherman who loved being in the woods while he was growing up.

“He was in an accident, became a quadriplegic, and all of that was kind of closed to him,” said Malley, a member of the Westmoreland Conservancy’s board of directors and co-chair of its Morosini Reserve Committee. “There weren’t a lot of opportunities, and it was really difficult to get his wheelchair out into the woods.”

With that in mind, Malley and the rest of the committee set out to create the Universal Pedestrian Trail, suitable for people with mobility challenges.

It will officially open Sunday, Sept. 15 in Murrysville…

Conservancy members funded the trail through donations and a grant from the Pennsylvania Environmental Council.

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