Tree Planting in Weiser State Forest Underscores Pa.’s Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Efforts

May 11, 2016 DCNR Website
PEC in the News

Volunteers, including Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) staff and DCNR Bureau of Forestry personnel kicked off a large tree-planting operation throughout Weiser State Forest on April 30. More than a dozen people planted around 1,500 seedlings on the day, with 4,000 seedlings being planted before the project has been completed.

“It was really a fulfilling day,” said PEC Executive Vice President Patrick Starr. “Not only did we plant trees together, we enjoyed working together to solve one of Pennsylvania’s most intractable pollution problems. I was so gratified that more than a dozen volunteers pitched in for the cause—even our bus driver decided to plant trees!”

A four-acre segment of the state forest in Columbia County that’s been affected by the remnants of mining activity was targeted by the volunteers in an effort to improve the area’s water quality and restore lost forest habitat. Pennsylvania has more miles of streams affected by mine land drainage than any other state, with more than 15,000 degraded acres needing to be reforested…

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