Take the 127-mile Elk Scenic Drive as an elk-spotting alternative to crowded Winslow Hill

September 16, 2019 PennLive
PEC in the News

If you’ve seen the elk on Winslow Hill in the Pennsylvania Elk Range, where they are at the height of the bugling season just now, and are less than enthusiastic about again facing the weekend traffic jams on the country roads there, you might want to consider the Elk Scenic Drive for your next visit…

The 917-acre Marion E. Brooks Natural Area in the Quehanna Wild Area is one of the largest stands of white birch in Pennsylvania, which is the southern extent of the range of that northern tree. Brooks, who lived near Medix Run, a few miles north of the natural area, was active in her community and in environmental efforts. She was instrumental in the formation of the Bennetts Valley Ambulance Association, Weedville Water Company and Toby Alley Watershed Association. She was a member of the Elk County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, a director of the Northcentral Pennsylvania Economic Development District, and the first woman member of the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs and the Allegheny Chapter of Trout Unlimited.


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