StateImpact PA: Struggling nuclear industry turns to Harrisburg for help

April 5, 2017 StateImpact Pennsylvania
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Amid slowing demand for electricity and a glut of cheap natural gas, the nuclear power industry is having a hard time competing.

Last year Exelon’s Three Mile Island plant near Harrisburg didn’t clear an auction for the future sale of its electricity, fueling speculation it could shut down prematurely.

In response, Pennsylvania lawmakers have formed a new Nuclear Energy Caucus. They’re widely expected to introduce legislation later this year, aimed at helping the state’s five nuclear power plants stay online. The bipartisan group held its first meeting last month; it currently has 73 members from both chambers…

…Davitt Woodwell, president of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council says his group has not been directly involved in any discussions, [but] has been monitoring what’s happening in other states.

“We aren’t officially there yet,” he says. “But we’re coming down toward the idea that nuclear has got to be a big part of the energy mix.”

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