Safer Streets Require Funding

October 6, 2015
PEC in the News

LAST MONTH, Councilwoman Cindy Bass put out a statement highlighting the traffic violence faced by the people in her district. Three of the 10 most dangerous intersections for crashes in the city – Broad and Olney, Chelten and Wayne Avenues, Broad and Lehigh – are all in her 8th District and, in light of that, Bass thinks the city should do something about it.

So, she’s supporting a much-needed shot in the arm for Philadelphia’s aging, crumbling street infrastructure: a $5 fee onto vehicle registration in Philadelphia County, which would bring in an estimated $3.47 million annually. That money, according to Bass’ ordinance, would be invested back into the upkeep of our county’s streets with the broader intention of cutting back on the 100 traffic deaths per year that happen all over Philadelphia…

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