Researcher Brings Home Cautionary Tale From Germany For EPA Rule Compliance

December 17, 2015 SNL Energy
PEC in the News


As it pursues its ambitious energy transition, Germany is learning that shutting down nuclear plants could be out of sync with its greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and that public support for renewable energy does not necessarily translate into support for wind energy and electric transmission projects, according to new research by a Pennsylvania nonprofit group.

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council, or PEC, commissioned a report comparing the U.S. with Germany as the country continued its Energiewende policies to cut carbon dioxide emissions from 1990 levels by 80% and generate 80% of its electricity from renewables by 2050. According to March figures released by the German Association of Energy and Water Industries, renewable energy in 2014 already constituted 26.6% of Germany’s electricity mix followed by lignite at 25.4%, bituminous coal at 17.8%, nuclear at 15.8% and natural gas at 9.5%…

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