Rebirth on the Monongahela River

May 6, 2015 POP City Media
PEC in the News

For those who love the mighty Monongahela River — affectionately known as “The Mon” — it being named “Pennsylvania River of the Year” in 2013 was just the beginning. The 130-mile-long waterway, the historic small towns along its banks and the Mon River Valley as a whole are fast becoming a hub for recreation and tourism.

Once a bustling commercial passage, The Mon is coming back to life. Along with the occasional coal barge, a visitor to the water’s edge is likely to see canoes, paddle rafts, kayaks and fishing boats as more people discover the fun to be had on this beautiful waterway.

And along the banks of the river, from the town of Monongahela all the way south into West Virginia, sit towns rich with historic significance — some buildings even date back to the Revolutionary War. In the second half of the 20th century, as the industries that helped build these towns faltered, jobs and populations were lost, leaving only the history behind. Those towns became places to drive by, not destinations to drive to. Now that is changing as these charming hamlets cultivate economies linked to the region’s growing sustainable tourism industry

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