Pennsylvania’s alternative energy goals set to flatline next year, unless legislature acts

December 30, 2020 StateImpact Pennsylvania
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Pennsylvania’s goals for utilities to buy increased amounts of power from alternative sources, such as wind and solar, are set to flatline in 2021 unless the General Assembly acts.

Advocates for raising the standards say it will create jobs and help address climate change.

John Walliser, senior vice president of legal and government affairs for Pennsylvania Environmental Council, said the bills show there is an appetite to update the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS), but he thinks the pandemic shut out a lot of bills that weren’t related.

“There probably also was not yet the immediate sense of urgency in the fact that we hadn’t reached that plateau yet,” Walliser said.

Walliser’s group is pushing to overhaul the AEPS in favor of a Clean Energy Standard (CES).

A CES would set an overall goal of zero-carbon electricity by 2050 and include more energy sources, such as nuclear and fossil fuels with carbon capture.

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