Pa. Will Stop Using Industry-Favored FracFocus Database

July 16, 2015 E&E Publishing
PEC in the News

Pennsylvania oil and gas officials are breaking with fellow state regulators and planning to drop the FracFocus website for reporting the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing.

Next year, the state Department of Environmental Protection will shift to using data reported directly to the state by oil and gas companies and integrating it with other data compiled by the agency.

“FracFocus is a great tool, there is no question about that,” said DEP spokesman Neil Shader. “However, they didn’t have all of the data that we want to make publicly available, and it wasn’t in a format that would lend itself to thorough data searches.”

The main switch for companies is that they will no longer be able to submit completion reports on paper. They will have to submit them electronically. Fracking is part of the process of “completing” a well, and the reports provide information about that process. Shader said the agency is hoping to phase out the paper reports by March 2016…

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