Pa. Senate passes bill to give Legislature power to kill costly regulations

June 30, 2017 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
PEC in the News

State regulations expected to cost businesses and governments more than $1 million annually would need to get the General Assembly’s endorsement before they could take effect, under a bill the Pennsylvania Senate passed on Tuesday.

Senate Bill 561 would revise the regulatory review process so that the House and Senate must act to adopt economically significant regulations — and could block them by not holding a vote — instead of the current process that allows the Legislature to review and object to regulations, but requires the governor’s signature to quash them…

…The bill’s opponents say it short-circuits an already robust review process and does not consider a proposed regulation’s economic or social benefits.

“It threatens a scenario where a proposed regulation — one that may be required by state or federal law, or is necessary for the protection of public health and the environment — is invalidated merely through legislative inaction,” the Pennsylvania Environmental Council wrote to senators last week.

The bill also directs the Independent Fiscal Office to verify a proposed regulation’s estimated costs to the public and private sector, which is expected to require the fiscal office to hire additional analysts at a cost of about $275,000 next year.

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