Litter continues to build up in Luzerne County

April 30, 2019 Fox 56
PEC in the News

WILKES-BARRE (WOLF) — If you live in Luzerne County, you’ve probably seen a lot of litter around the area lately.

One organization saying its the most in the county in recent memory.

Palmira Miller wants to keep Luzerne County clean. She’s the program coordinator for the Pennsylvania Environmental Council and Keep NEPA Beautiful, organizations striving to get litter off the streets.

Miller says it’s definitely time for a spring cleaning.

“This year it seems like there’s more litter in the community than last year,” Miller said. “The reason why? People just continue to throw things out their windows. If they didn’t throw it out the windows then we wouldn’t have the issues that we do today.”

If you or an organization you’re in wants to help clean up the litter, Keep NEPA Beautiful will give you the supplies. Here where you can join:

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