House passes conventional oil and gas industry bill

June 6, 2018 The Bradford Era
PEC in the News

Mark Cline almost has a reason to cheer … but not quite yet.

On Tuesday, the oilman of Cline Oil of Bradford welcomed news that the House passed,111-84, bill 2154 that would re-enact the Oil and Gas Act of 1984 with provisions relating to today’s conventional oil and gas industry. The bill is now in the Senate’s hands…

Not everyone agrees with the proposed bill, and such opponents in recent weeks have included Gov. Tom Wolf, the DEP, Environmental Defense Fund and Pennsylvania Environmental Council.

“House Bill 2154 is a wholesale weakening of necessary protection standards; standards that are already the law in Pennsylvania, and that are accepted common practice in the industry and other oil and gas producing states,” Andrew Williams of the Environmental Defense Fund and John Walliser of Pennsylvania Environmental Council said in a letter to House of Representatives in April.

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