Group Pushes to Have Allegheny River Designated as State Water Trail in Armstrong

May 1, 2015 Trib Total Media
PEC in the News

A group of Armstrong County business owners, officials and residents is pushing to have the stretch of Allegheny River that flows through the county recognized as a Pennsylvania Water Trail to get it more statewide attention.

The river is already a state water trail on either side of Armstrong County. The designation means areas where the river flows are included in promotions, maps and multimedia presentations produced by the Fish and Boat Commission.

“On either side there’s already a water trail and people are already using those sections,” said Frank Maguire of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council. “With the proximity to Pittsburgh, there’s a lot of people interested and looking for opportunities in the area.”

Maguire’s group works with the Fish and Boat Commission to designate water trails based on suitability for recreation and education. There are 27 in the state — including sections of the Allegheny from Pittsburgh to Oakmont and north of Armstrong County…

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