Caucus members urge DEP to reconsider steep fee increase

August 18, 2018 Indiana Gazette
PEC in the News

A letter signed by several local lawmakers and others in the state House Oil and Gas Caucus asks state Department of Environment Protection Secretary and Environmental Quality Board Chairman Patrick McDonnell to reconsider a proposed increase from $5,000 to $12,500 in the application fee for an unconventional well permit.

“Outside of the General Assembly dedicating additional and much needed funding to DEP, the department must rely on the increase,” [DEP spokesman Neil] Shader said. “Through this proposed fee package DEP is looking to ensure that proper oversight of the industry is maintained without creating additional burdens for taxpayers.”
Shader gets agreement from John Walliser, senior vice president for legal and government affairs at the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, who pointed to a “long-standing decline in support from the general fund” that put DEP “in a difficult position to ensure that it has adequate capacity to meet its mandated roles.”

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