Bill to give legislature extra regulatory power moves forward in Pa.

June 30, 2017 Philadelphia Business Journal
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A bill progressing through the legislature would curtail some of the governor’s power to issue regulations. The measure is controversial — particularly among environmental groups.

It would require the governor get approval from the legislature on any resolution that costs or earns over a million dollars. Under current law, lawmakers can contest resolutions, but aren’t consulted as a matter of course.

John Walliser, with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, came out against the measure.

He said environmental regulations often have to change because of mandates from the federal government, among other things. That already takes a lot of time.

“Regulations, from the time they’re proposed to the time they’re supposed to be finalized, that cycle has to be completed within two years, and Pennsylvania already has a very robust, extensive regulatory review process,” he said.

He says even agencies have a hard time hitting deadlines under current law — and adding a legislative step might make it near-impossible…

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