Allegheny County signing major hydropower deal

February 2, 2021 Next Pittsburgh
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Allegheny County has been chalking up big wins for the environment recently, and here’s another: Last week, the county announced that it will purchase renewable hydropower energy from a new project on the Ohio River.

The 35-year power purchase agreement with Rye Development will provide enough power for 3,400 households, for every year the agreement is in effect. Throughout the life of the agreement, the hydropower energy will offset one million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, similar to 2.6 million miles driven by car.

“Participating in a zero-carbon power generation project utilizing the power of our rivers, without impacting other uses of them, or their quality, demonstrates the county’s leadership both in getting Pennsylvania to a decarbonized energy future and positioning southwest Pennsylvania as a center of energy innovation,” said Davitt Woodwell, president of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council.

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