PEC Environment Ride


I understand that in order to participate as a rider in the PEC Environment Ride it is my responsibility to complete the donation requirement ($1,500 for 3-day riders, $600 for 1-day riders), in checks and approved credit card donations, due to the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (“PEC”) by “Race day”, or guarantee the balance due on that date. (Crew has no fundraising requirement.) For 3-day riders, this balance due cannot exceed $1000 in outstanding donations.

I understand that donations made after October 3, 2024 may not be entered into my account until after the ride and that I will be required to guarantee these donations until they are entered in my account. I also understand that if I have not completed the required donations by the deadline, I may make my own donation to PEC for the balance in order to participate in the Ride. I understand that failure to complete the balance of the fundraising requirement by that date may result in the forfeiture of my place on the Ride. I understand that all donations processed by PEC are non-refundable, even if I do not participate in the Ride. I certify that I will be at least 18 years of age at the time of the Ride; if I am 16 or 17 years of age, this waiver must be accompanied by a signed waiver by my parent or guardian. I further understand that I must provide proof of health insurance coverage (via a medical form to be provided to me before the Ride) in order to participate in the Ride, or in the absence of health insurance, must sign a separate release of liability prior to the start of the Ride.