The Quiet Ones: Caring for Two Environments

The West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund‘s (WPPSEF) video series, The Quiet Ones, profiles organizations and individuals with whom the Fund works on clean energy projects in western Pennsylvania. The latest installment, “Caring for Two Environments,” highlights the energy & climate work of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council and the Green Building Alliance (GBA).

“The reason why I do what I do is because I love to be outside,” PEC Senior VP for Legal and Government Affairs John Walliser says in the video. “I love to hike and bike and kayak, and I have an 11-year-old son who loves to do the same, and I want that to be there for him and I want that to be there for his children.”

“The main focus for PEC is the issue of climate change — that you have focus on it, you have investment in it, and you’re making a dent, however small,” Walliser says. “What makes the Fund so valuable is that they get it. They see the great value in even the smallest of accomplishments. They’re willing to work with businesses, they’re willing to make that sort of investment in organizations and communities on the ground.”

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