PEC’s Susan Myerov Honored by Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership

Susan Myerov, director of PEC’s Watersheds program, is the honored recipient of the Legacy award from Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership, Inc. The award recognizes Myerov’s long tenure with the Philadelphia-based organization, where she has contributed her professional expertise and personal passion for citizen-led watershed stewardship.

One of TTF’s founders, Sue served for 18 years on its board of directors. This speaks to the long history PEC and TTF have together, said PEC Executive Vice President Patrick Starr. PEC had a hand in launching the watershed organization in 2000, in partnership with the Philadelphia Water Department. Patrick, also a founding TTF board member, volunteered there for numerous years and has seen firsthand Sue’s tremendous influence. 

“She knows this stuff. Her interests are combination of her years of professional experience, her years of volunteer community leadership, and just being a caring person who cares about the environment,” Patrick said. “She’s a great board member and a big help.”

Photo Credit: Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership, Inc.

Sue’s work with PEC focuses on watershed planning and protection along with land use and open space planning projects, informed by her extensive planning experience in public, private, and non-profit organizations.

Whether in the office or at a volunteer cleanup, Sue exemplifies PEC’s vision of community watershed stewardship. A longtime resident of Abington, within the headwaters region of the Tookany Creek, Myerov has been active on the Abington Township Environmental Advisory Council, where she currently serves as chairperson. She’s also a familiar face at a range of water-related events, from stream cleanups to stormwater management conferences.

“We are always trying to give voice to community-based watershed organizations and their leaders.” Patrick said. “Sue is the personification and the embodiment of what we are trying to do.”

Sue consistently did the most important thing a Board member can do – she showed up!

Sue took a step back from the TTF Board earlier this year, but she will remain a familiar face around her beloved watershed. She enjoys walking along the local trails and trying to identify the birds and plants she finds along the way.

TTF Executive Director Julie Slavet has been with the organization since 2011 and has worked closely with Sue during that time. She had this to say about Sue’s Legacy award:

When we looked through our Flickr albums to find photos of Sue, there were so many! Why? Because Sue consistently did the most important thing a Board member can do – she showed up! She rarely missed a Board or committee meeting or a TTF special event and lent a hand and smile at plantings, cleanups, and our creative, fun community celebrations. Her presence had a positive impact on staff and strengthened her ability to serve as a knowledgeable Ambassador. 

And she did serve as an exemplary Ambassador! Sue talked to everyone in Abington, her community, and in her professional life with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council about our accomplishments. She referred organizations to us for many reasons, to speak at an event or conference, or to discuss a potential partnership. She shared grant and program information with us regularly. She generously supported us, and recruited family and friends to do so, too! 

 Sue knows the TTF bylaws inside and out. She was diligent about the accuracy of Board meeting minutes. Sue also asks a lot of questions, about finances and programs, and staff needs. She is concerned about fiscal stability and professional development. That’s what Board members are supposed to do. A deep dive into financials at a Board meeting is a sign of good stewardship.  

Each December, Sue gave a gift to each staff member to show her thanks for the year. Her thoughtfulness meant a great deal. Sue’s serious investment in TTF over the years has made us a better organization and that is why we are proud to present her with a Legacy award. 

We couldn’t agree more. Congratulations to Sue on this well-earned honor!