PEC Strengthens Statewide Programming & Coordination

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) is proud to announce changes in roles and responsibilities for two of its staff. After working in numerous roles at PEC for 21 years, Patrick Starr has assumed the title of Executive Vice President for Programs Statewide and Cindy Ferguson, formerly Director of Operations for the southeast office, has been appointed as Director of Development.

“Both of these changes recognize not only the fantastic capabilities and professionalism of current staff members, but also PEC’s continued efforts to better connect our operations and programs across the Commonwealth,” said Davitt Woodwell, PEC’s President and CEO.

Patrick Starr photo
Patrick Starr

Based out of PEC’s southeast office, where he has served as Executive Vice President for Southeastern Pennsylvania, Starr will take on initiatives across the state with a special emphasis on trails and recreation as well as continuing to lead regional programs.

“We want to work as a team across the state to restore Pennsylvania’s environment and facilitate the connection to Pennsylvania’s rich natural resources in accordance with our mission,” said Starr.

In his work at PEC, Starr has aided in the development of the Tidal Delaware and Urban Stormwater initiatives while also playing a leading role in the creation of the North Delaware Greenway Masterplan and directing the GreenSpace Alliance.

Starr is also actively involved with boards and task forces across the Commonwealth such as the Delaware River City Corporation, and the Central Delaware Advocacy Group. Additionally, he serves as PA Vice Chair of the Circuit Coalition and is on the steering committee of the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed. He formerly served on the board of the Tookany Tacony Frankford (TTF) Watershed Partnership, as well as Mayor Nutter’s Sustainability Advisory Board.

Prior to joining PEC in 1992, Starr served as the Public Affairs Director for the Philadelphia Department of Streets after working as the Director of Civic Issues and Editor of CitySITES for the Foundation for Architecture.

Also based in PEC’s southeast office, Cindy Ferguson has been with PEC since 2010 after more than 20 years of experience working at the senior and executive levels in the Philadelphia non-profit education and social service sector.

In making the career change that brought her to PEC, Cindy decided to take the road untaken in order to marry avocation with vocation and redirect her professional skills to help advance a strong conservation agenda

Cindy Ferguson photo
Cindy Ferguson

Responsible for PEC’s development initiatives, Ferguson plans, manages, and executes PEC’s statewide membership and appeals campaign strategies. Ferguson has also excelled in implementing steps to expand the Council’s donor base, major donors, and new foundation partners as evidenced by annually exceeding the fundraising goal for the Philadelphia Environmental Partnership Dinner.

Ferguson also acts as a Tidal Delaware River Ambassador and Poquessing Streamkeeper as she—along with Starr and the rest of PEC’s statewide team—continue their work to make Pennsylvania the best place it can be.

“Our vision is to work together as a team all across the state as we bring our various personal strengths to the table, in whatever specialty they’re located,” Starr said.

Watch for further updates on staffing as PEC is working on filling two new positions announced late last year.