Report: Renewable Energy in Southwestern Pennsylvania

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In 2017, PEC convened a dialogue on opportunities and challenges inherent in decarbonization of our state’s electric generation sector. That event spurred a number of issue-focused examinations of different policies and technologies including carbon pricing, grid modernization, carbon capture, and more.

The growth and utilization of renewable generation has been a priority for not just those interested in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also for a wide range of individuals and interests: from the farmer looking to save costs and maybe even site renewable generation on their property, to companies and utilities looking to improve energy resiliency and diversity.

Pennsylvania’s variation of a statewide renewable portfolio standard, ambitious when enacted but now surpassed in comparison to other states, ceilings in 2021. At the same time, companies, utilities, universities, cities, and others are setting their own clean energy goals and commitments. For Pennsylvania to continue its path toward a net zero future and economy, the growth of renewable generation will be essential.

With this in mind, PEC believed it useful to have a more detailed understanding of how renewable generation has grown in western Pennsylvania, and to gather input from key stakeholders on barriers to that growth. This report presents the findings of that effort, led by Green Light Consulting.

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