Remarkable Trees of Pennsylvania

Have you ever been on a walk and stumbled upon an enormous tree? It can be an awe-inspiring experience, standing at the base of a truly ancient organism. These trees are especially important, not only because they play essential ecological roles, but because they appeal to our emotions and provide an example of what can be accomplished if natural places are protected. Whether in a remote state park or on a city block, these eye-catching trees help make the argument for conservation.

Champion Trees of Pennsylvania

A champion tree is the largest individual of its species. American Forests keeps a national register of champion trees, which features a few specimens from Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Forestry Association runs a database of Pennsylvania’s largest trees, called the Pennsylvania Champion Tree Program. The PA Champion Tree Program receives nominations for big trees, carries out tree measurements, and collects data on the state champions and other amazing specimens. Below, you can view a story map showcasing a handful of specimens from the PA Champion Tree Program’s registry.

Remarkable Trees of Pittsburgh

Trees can hold a special significance not only for their size, but for their age, beauty, or cultural significance. A new partnership between the City of Pittsburgh Shade Tree Commission and Tree Pittsburgh is working to document special trees of all kinds located on public property throughout the city. Remarkable Trees of Pittsburgh has five nomination categories:

  • Champion Trees
  • Witness Trees: Trees with historical and/or cultural significance
  • Tree of a Kind: Trees that are unique in some way (appearance, species, special story)
  • Giving Tree: Trees that play a key ecosystem role
  • Specimen Tree: Trees with exceptional structure, health, or beauty

Once nominations are collected, Remarkable Trees of Pittsburgh will create a registry to celebrate the special trees throughout the city.

Nominate a Special Tree!

Think you have a candidate for a National or State Champion Tree, or know a special tree in Pittsburgh? Nominate your tree using the links below!