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PEC Opposed End Run to Legislative Process

June 30, 2014PA Environmental Digest

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council is very concerned that the General Assembly is pulling an end run of its own rules by including language fundamentally changing the regulation of oil and gas operations via the Fiscal Code, which accompanies the state...

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44th Environmental Partnership Dinner

June 12, 2014

PEC honored Senator Ted Erickson of Pennsylvania’s 26th District with the Winsor Award in recognition of his vision, commitment, and lifelong achievement in environmental conservation. Governor Tom Corbett and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf addressed hundreds of attendees with their...

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Pennsylvania Draws a Line in the Sandstone

June 7, 2014Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

When it comes to defining an unconventional gas well, Pennsylvania draws a line in the sand. Specifically, state Department of Environmental Protection regulations say any shale well drilled and fracked below the Elk sandstones is unconventional. The Elk group refers...

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Environmental group says bill would loosen some fracking regulations

May 30, 2014Central Penn Business Journal

An environmental group said it opposes a state Senate bill that seeks to separate regulations of oil wells from natural-gas wells. The Pennsylvania Environmental Council sent a letter to the state Senate railing against Senate Bill 1378, which was referred May 22 to...

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PA Group Opposes Separate Rules for Conventional, Unconventional Wells

May 29, 2014NGI Shale Daily

An environmental group in Pennsylvania has sent a letter to lawmakers in the state Senate to voice its opposition to a bill that would require the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) to create separate regulations for conventional and unconventional wells. In...

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Op-Ed: Mitigate the methane

May 18, 2014Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

First, the bad news. There is broad agreement that methane emissions from natural gas development in Pennsylvania and other states are a serious problem. Methane is a highly potent greenhouse gas and, absent adequate controls, methane leaks across the natural...

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Debate over climate change must end

May 13, 2014Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Incoming PEC President & CEO, Davitt Woodwell, talks to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about energy and climate   Q: In terms of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, where do you see Pittsburgh headed in the next 20 years? A: The Pittsburgh region...

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Gubernatorial Candidates Respond to PEC Questions on Environmental Issues

May 6, 2014

Harrisburg, Pa. – The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) today released the results of a questionnaire sent to the Republican and Democratic candidates for Governor covering key environmental issues facing Pennsylvania today and their priorities for the future. The questions covered a...

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Pittsburgh Climate Initiative Updates Progress In Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

April 16, 2014Mayor's Office Press Release: Summary report shows more than half of plan recommendations in progress

Pittsburgh, Pa. — Two years after adoption of the Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan, Version 2.0, Pittsburgh Climate Initiative (PCI) is pleased to announce that 23 of the 35 Community chapter recommendations have been completed or are in progress. More than...

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Pennsylvania Environmental Council Names Davitt B. Woodwell President and CEO

March 14, 2014

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC), the leading statewide environmental organization, today named Davitt B. Woodwell to the position of president and chief executive officer, succeeding Paul M. King, who is retiring. Woodwell also becomes a member of PEC’s board of...

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Paul King Announces Retirement in 2014

January 8, 2014

Paul King has announced he will be retiring as President and CEO of PEC by mid-2014, a position he has held for over five years. King’s background includes previous leadership positions in environmental management and environmental law positions with PPG...

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PEC Winter 2014 Forum

December 20, 2013

You may access PEC’s Forum newsletter at the following link: Winter 2014 Forum