Pennsylvania Works! Campaign Launched

A coalition of environmental, conservation, preservation, housing, and research groups, along with both Democrat and Republican members of the General Assembly, today announced their proposals to build green communities and jobs in Pennsylvania through the Pennsylvania Works! Campaign.  PEC is a founding member of the campaign.

The campaign is based on the Keystone Principles & Criteria for Growth, adopted by the state government in May 2005. The Keystone Principles are designed as a coordinated interagency approach to fostering sustainable economic development and conservation of resources through the state’s investments in Pennsylvania’s diverse communities.  The 10 Keystone Principles are:

1. Redevelop first.

2. Provide efficient infrastructure.

3. Concentrate development.

4. Increase job opportunities.

5. Foster sustainable businesses.

6. Restore and enhance the environment.

7. Enhance recreational and heritage resources.

8. Expand housing opportunities.

9. Plan regionally; implement locally.

10. Be fair.