PEC, Wilkes University Students and Volunteers Plant trees

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council in partnership with Earth Conservancy and Wilkes University conducted a streamside tree planting project at the Penobscot property located in Newport Township on Saturday, November 22, 2008 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Wilkes University Students planted 75 trees, as part of their Soils course, with assistance from community volunteers.

The tree planting project is an implementation project of the Wyoming Valley Rivers Conservation Plan that was prepared by PEC. The tree planting has been made possible by funding provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Pennsylvania American Water donated water for the volunteers. The tree planting project was conducted along the banks of the Forge Creek as it flows through the reclaimed anthracite mine lands currently owned by Earth Conservancy.  The purpose of the tree planting is to reduce stream bank erosion, improve water quality and improve wildlife habitat.

This project is a continuation of previous tree plantings conducted at the property in November 2007 at which time over 100 trees were planted.  At that time soil samples from the property were taken and a control group of trees were grown over the course of a year by students in the Soils Course at Wilkes University, under the direction of Professor Holly Frederick.  The purpose of this study was to determine what type of soil amendments positively impacted tree growth.  The results of this study have been utilized in the planning of this November 22, 2008 tree planting activity.  The trees that are growing in the lab will be maintained and monitored for an additional period of time before also being planted at the site.

Earlier in the month, the following five large bare root trees were also planted at the site: two Red Maples, one Red Oak, one Witch Hazel and one American Linden Basswood.

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council would like to thank everyone involved in this very worthwhile project.