PEC Supports Pennsylvania Fair Share for Clean Water Funding Plan

Harrisburg, Pa. -The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (“PEC”) today announced its support for the Pennsylvania Fair Share for Clean Water Plan, a comprehensive funding package that would dramatically reduce nutrient pollution from wastewater plants and farms across the state.

PEC joins more than 30 other agriculture, environmental, local government and business groups in endorsing the Fair Share Plan.

“PEC has been an active participant in the development of the Chesapeake Bay Tributary Strategy and the Pennsylvania Nutrient Credit Trading Program, and recognizes that significant additional resources are needed to help municipalities and farmers meet federal mandates to reduce nutrient and sediment loading,” said Scott Van de Mark, with PEC.  “Maryland and Virginia have agreed to provide over $1.6 billion to support wastewater treatment facility upgrades.  Pennsylvania should do the same to help municipalities meet federal water quality mandates and support our farmers as good stewards of the land.

“PEC supports the Fair Share Plan as a balanced approach to both municipalities and farmers by providing needed support for upgrading wastewater treatment facilities and for conservation practices to reduce nutrient and sediment runoff from agricultural operations,” said Van de Mark.  “PEC also supports the creation of a nutrient trading credit bank which can provide offsets for new development and to help municipalities meet short term nutrient reduction offset needs for publicly owned treatment works.”