PEC Supports House Bill 531

Today PEC sent the following communication to members of the House Consumer Affairs Committee in support of House Bill 531:

March 11, 2020

To: Members of the House Consumer Affairs Committee
Re: Support for House Bill 531 (P.N. 573)

Dear Representatives:

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) would like to convey its strong support for House Bill 531 (P.N. 573), which would enable community solar development in Pennsylvania. The House Consumer Affairs Committee has scheduled a hearing on this legislation for Monday, March 16th.

Community solar provides greater energy choice and savings to consumers, new business and job growth, and resiliency for the electrical grid. But it can also be a lifeline for Pennsylvania farmers, who can take advantage of leasing for solar development on working farmland.

PEC’s most recent Pennsylvania Legacies podcast, featuring an interview with two community solar developers, provides a helpful overview of why this legislation is needed. You can listen to the podcast online – – or via any podcast aggregation service (search for “Pennsylvania Legacies”).

We urge you to support House Bill 531 to allow Pennsylvanians the ability to choose, and benefit from, community solar.

Thank you for your consideration.

John Walliser
Senior Vice President, Legal and Government Affairs
Pennsylvania Environmental Council